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Penny Stock Definition

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What Is The Penny Stock List 3000?  

The Penny Stock Listing provides a complete list of the most active U.S. & Canadian penny stocks that are in considered to be in play.  Using special analysis software designed to find penny stocks that have small spreads "the price between the bid and the ask" and those that are experiencing large fluctuations in stock price, isolating the most profitable penny picks for penny traders.  This list has become one of the most useful penny stock databases online for true day trade and short term investors.  Updated weekly, we are now publishing it online through our unique access URL for those looking to buy and sell the hottest, most active penny stocks on the U.S. and Canadian markets.

What Are Penny Stocks?:  

The SEC defines Penny Stocks as trading for less than $5 a share, however, it is generally open to opinion among penny stock traders. We define them as those trading at less than $1/share.  They are of course a high risk / high reward undertaking due to the fact they can be purchased for a few cents a share and can be sold for a few dollars a share.

Are Penny Stocks Risky Investments?  

Yes, they can be.   For those that are inexperienced, mistakes can be costly and you could lose some if not all of your investment.  On the other hand, if traded properly, and a stock you've put money into does go south, you will be able to limit your losses through stop orders at a percentage you set.  For example, if your stock purchase is down 10%, your "stop loss order" would kick in and prevent any further losses without you having to be at your computer to execute the sell order.  So, by purchase penny stocks responsibility, your upside will be tremendous and downside can be minimized through "stop loss" orders.

Benefits of Our list

Our Penny Stock Package contains the FULL list of the most active Nasdaq OTC-BB & Canadian Penny Stocks with full research information, and includes our step-by-step information guide which teaches even the beginner to trade penny stocks knowledgeably. We've been a top provider of Penny Stock Investment Information on the market for over 12 years now! This list contains U.S. and Foreign stocks that are in play are being profited from! This stock market resource is a must have for serious penny investors.


penny stock list
The Penny Stock Listing is a complete listing of the most actively traded U.S. & Canadian penny stocks compiled by penny stock day traders and the like.

The Penny Stock Listing product itself was launched in 1998 and has been updated monthly since.

The most important tool a penny stock trader could have is a list of penny stocks that are actively being bought and sold for hundreds of percentages in profits every day.

We use special software designed to filter through penny stocks to find the ones with the least amount of spread, with the largest price fluctuations between two set price points.

Otherwise known as "Rolling" or "Range Rider" stocks, where a trading pattern can be identified between two common price points.

It also includes all other types of penny stock listings for the small cap day trader, or short and long term investor.

There are many web sites offer lists of penny stocks, but what makes ours different is the fact that it specifically caters to small cap investors giving them exactly what they're looking for.

As professional penny stock traders that have worked for major firms, we have been buying and selling penny stocks for over twelve years; learning what to look for in these unique types of securities.

We don't just throw a list of penny stocks for you to sift through and analyze for activity for profit potential, rather, we employ various software analysis techniques to search and compile the most profitable small cap stocks with one list.

A true treasure trove, our information-rich Penny Stock List 3000 directory will provide you with the ticker symbols and company information which will allow you to quickly and easily locate a potential penny stock trading opportunity.  You won't find any flakes, pump and dumps or shells in our list, just a complete directory of penny stocks that are making money for penny stock traders every day.

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Blue Chip Stocks Vs. Penny Stocks

Small Cap potential gains compared to

blue chip higher priced stocks.

Investing in higher priced stocks such as IBM, Dell, Microsoft, CMGI, Cisco, and any of the Major Internet Stocks definitely has its advantages, if you have enough working capital, but the only drawback to the Blue Chip stocks is that most of the time there is a wait time involved to see a real profit from your investment, because they trade at higher prices than small cap stocks. Now, once in a while you'll see a mid-cap or large cap "Blue Chip" double in price, or even rise hundreds of percentage points in one day, but the reality is: It just doesn't happen as often as in the Penny Stock Market. Trading U.S. Penny Stocks is risky, but can be very profitable for the educated penny trader. They can have a major short term advantage over Blue Chips.

Let's say you were to invest $525 in a $75 Blue Chip stock! Well, you would only be able to buy 7 shares of stock. In order for you to double your money in that $75 stock, that stock would have to jump to $150, which could take a considerable amount of time, and there's no guarantee it even will rise in the short term, or the long term for that matter.

Now, Penny Stocks have the capability of rising hundreds, even thousands of Percentage Points in one day, unlike the nature of a mid-cap or Blue Chip Stock.

Did you know that there are penny stocks out there that trade at .01 per share, that have the capability of rising to $1?. Every day, there are micro-penny stocks that fluctuate between .01 and .05, .10-.20, etc... Every Day!!! Experienced penny stock traders are profiting from these types of stocks... Do you want a piece of the pie?

O.K., for example, let's say you invest your $525 in a .01 stock. Now, because of Penny Stock Nature, that stock will fluctuate due to Volume, News, Market Makers, Moods of Investors, etc... If you know how to buy in the dip "low point of a stock play", you could potential realize a return on your investment up 100-200%. You buy at .01, sell at .02. You've just doubled your initial investment! You now have $1,050 cash. Remember, that stock only has to move .01 and these types of stock fluctuations happen on a daily basis.

Think if the stock jumped to .05? You see where I'm going with this! The same technique is repeated for higher priced penny stocks. .03, .04, .05, .10, etc. The question is, do you want to make these kinds of profits? The only trick to being successful in this business is "constant repetition of re-investing your profits"!

With the purchase of our Penny Stock List "Database" , you will receive our renown Penny Stock Investment Packet, courtesy of H.I.R. which has been a savior for penny stock traders for the past 12 years The information packet teaches the beginner, intermediate or expert trader step-by-step how to trade penny stocks successfully! With our special Penny Stock List stock list compiled by our research team, and our Penny Stock Information Packet, you will then own 2 powerful real-world, working stock market tools that cannot be matched. We are experts in this business, we do this for a living!

As a company, we've been providing the highest quality penny stock investment information on the market for over 12 years to Individual Investors! We are the most respected penny stock investment information company on the net!

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